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  1. animax007 Jul 08, 2012

    love tsubasa chronicles :)
    its my favorite anime!

  2. KiyanaIkebana Jun 01, 2011

    My Latest Wallpaper: Captured in the Memory

    merged: 06-22-2012 ~ 10:03pm
    My Latest Wall: Rainforest

  3. riho88riho May 05, 2011

    Just discovered this group today >__< Sooo hope I can join! Also, I just finished my newest wallpaper and it's a SxS hehe so thought I'd share with here too especially since I'm a big fan of em <3
    My Newest Vec/Wall: Blush

  4. Elsee1102 Dec 27, 2010

    syaoran and sakura! one of the best couples in history!

  5. aimaikonata24 Nov 16, 2010

    love sakura and syaoran!

  6. mbeckley Nov 12, 2010

    Thnx for accepting me. ^^

  7. sammyui Nov 06, 2010

    nice couple ever. Syaoran and Sakura :))
    hehe .. so nice. great anime. super <3

    nice group indeed.

  8. shallen11 Jul 17, 2010

    hope we enjoy it.......

  9. CuteSherry Jul 03, 2010

    A Chemistry like Apple and Cinnamon

    merged: 07-03-2010 ~ 02:38pm
    Ugh, this place is really a mess...
    I should find some time to do something about it >.<

  10. mbeckley Jul 03, 2010

    Love this couple~

  11. B-BRabbit Jun 23, 2010

    they make a good couple

  12. yukka-kino Apr 01, 2010

    happy b-day sakura & syaoran!

  13. frote Feb 28, 2010


  14. rizacaga Jan 24, 2010

    my newest work
    Secret place

  15. CuteSherry Jan 17, 2010

    Quote by KiyanaIkebanamy new work :

    OMG, gorgeous! XD

  16. KiyanaIkebana Dec 18, 2009

    my new work :

  17. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 18, 2009

    to all members,

    advance merry xmas to all!

  18. Zaza4 Nov 04, 2009

    Hi! I made a vector.
    Please comment about it. Thanks.

    merged: 11-14-2009 ~ 11:55am
    These are my latest works.
    Please comment it! ^__^



  19. Steffimon Sep 16, 2009

    hello everbody, I

  20. CuteSherry Aug 22, 2009

    My latest artwork: [url=] R

  21. cute-sakura Jul 01, 2009

    I'm following.. how about you?

  22. CuteSherry Jun 08, 2009

    This group really needs to be updated ^^;;
    I will workon it after my Final exams, meaning at the end of the month~
    How is everyone doing? Are you following the latest events in TRC and Holic? :)

  23. Sakura-Rabbit07 Apr 01, 2009

    (Sakura: Let's celebrate our birthdays every year together and make lots of happy memories!)
    \lots of love to the both of you

  24. yukka-kino Mar 29, 2009

    Quote by YamiSakura38

    For the spoiler bit :

    Spoiler (show)

    I believe it implied that Sakura-mama and Syaoran-papa were the one who reverse time [and during that process also created Watanuki themselves] for their son "Syaoran"'s wish. And as part of the price, they were trapped in the tube for 7 years T_T to protect and keep their children in safety.

    But now that they have been released from the tube, I can't wait to see what they are capable of doing after all these years and how they would interfere/defeat FWR OX

    I agree! has anyone of you watch Tsubasa: Shunraiki yet, I've watched it 3x now XD

    merged: 04-01-2009 ~ 07:07am
    Happy B-day Sakura & Syaoran :D

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